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-Savings Account Name: Pattaya Orphanage Foundation

-Name of Bank: Bangkok Bank PCL.

-Branch: Banglamung

-A/C No.: 342-0-96666-9

-Swift Code: BKKBTHBK

-Bank's Address: 44 M.5, Pattaya-Naklua Rd., Banglamung, Chonburi 20150, Thailand

-Bank's Tel. No.: +66 (0) 3822 2370 – 5

  Donations can now be made via PayPal to our PayPal Account:

Paypal Donate

See Instructions for Online Donation via PayPal
For anyone who is a tax payer to the Thai government and wishes to have 200% income tax deduction for your donation:
- Please issue a check in any currencies, payable to “Sotpattana School for the Deaf” and mail to our postal address; or
- Make a bank transfer to the Savings A/C No. 342-4-57203-4 of “Sotpattana School for the Deaf” at Bangkok Bank PCL, Banglamung Branch (same bank address as above).
   We are having the system for online donation via PayPal or credit cards on our website developed and tested to ensure data security in transmission and hope to be able to offer this channel soonest.

A New Donation Channel with bank transfer to our existing accounts, using “PromptPay”, which is convenient and secure with little or no fees:

- For a receipt from “Pattaya Orphanage”, which is not yet good for income tax deduction for taxpaying individuals, juristic persons, and corporates within Thailand, please specify our Tax ID: 09930-00204-930;

- For a 200% tax deductible receipt from our “School for the Deaf”, please specify our new Tax ID: 09940-00626-851.

We send a receipt for every donation, so please provide us via email at with your name, family name, date and time of transfer, the donated amount, and your postal address once you have made a bank transfer or donated via PayPal Account. The transfer confirmation slip will greatly help us verify with our bank, so please attach it as well.


Items Required by the Pattaya Orphanage

More info
Telephone: +66 (0) 3842 3468, (0) 3841 6426

Date: 6 February 2018

1 Dumex Dulac 1 Supermix Infant Formula, for newborn babies See Photo
2 Nestle Bear Brand 1 Infant Formula, for newborn babies See Photo
3 S-26 SMA 1 Infant Formula, for newborn babies See Photo
4 Dumex Dupro 2 Supermix Baby Formula, for kids 6-36 months old See Photo
5 S-26 Promil 2 Infant Formula, for kids 6-36 months old See Photo
6 S-26 Promil Gold 2 Infant Formula, for kids 6-36 months old See Photo
7 Nestle Bear Brand 2 Infant Formula, for kids 6-36 months old See Photo
8 Instant Noodles, Tom Yam Flavor, in packs
9 Door Knob Sets; Stainless Steel
10 Sanwa Water Taps, 1/2 inch

Items and Medicines Required by the Infirmary and Babies’ Rooms

Date: 31 December 2017

Medicines and Medical supplies
N.B. : To ensure the items are what we really need, please see corresponding photos.
It is our policy not to send staff or hire anyone to do fundraising in public places or at people’s residences or workplaces.

Updated News

..Ms. Waraphorn Sae-Ngow, for making merit at the Pattaya Orphanage by sponsoring two dinners on February 13 and 16 for children from two years and older, including boarders of our Deaf School, even though she was unable to be present among us..

..Dr. Primrose Maryprasith, Licensee of Pensmith School, Bangkok, for representing Dr. Waraporn Phaenthong, School Director, personnel, students, and their parents, in presenting their annual support of twenty five thousand baht to our director, Rev. Fr. Michael Weera Phangrak, towards the care of children at the Pattaya Orphanage and Sotpattana School for the Deaf.. Happy Chinese New Year to you all..

..Birthday celebrants Anonglak Hanam and Preechaya Nareenuchayakul, for making merit together at the Pattaya Orphanage by bringing along their friends to visit toddlers in our nursery and sponsoring a delicious lunch for kids from two years and older, including kindergartners of our Deaf School..

..The management of Richo Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd., represented by Ms. Wiphada Samroeng, for contributing various food items to the Pattaya Orphanage..

..The party of Ms. Nipawadee Tangseng of Uboxthai Store, for making merit at the Pattaya Orphanage by visiting our toddlers and contributing baby formula as well as instant noodles..

..Chefs Simon Chaperon and Serge Bussereau from France and Switzerland, for getting to know the Pattaya Orphanage at the introduction of Khun Bernard Mueller during their holiday in Thailand, saying hello and playing with our children, and sponsoring a very nice meal for those from two years and older, including boarders of our Deaf School.. On this occasion, the party visited the Motivation/Soft Room which Khun Bernard’s friends have greatly helped with the repair and renovation last year..

..A group of students of Saint Joseph’s Catholic High School, Berkshire, United Kingdom, led by Mrs. Louise Baker, Head of School, and her family, for getting to know the Pattaya Orphanage and our Deaf School, sharing quality time with children in our care during their mission to Thailand 2018.. God’s continued blessings upon you and yours as St. Joseph’s School celebrates its Diamond Jubilee this year..

..Our former volunteer Vanessa Lawless, for introducing her sister Amanda Hancock and family from Australia to the Pattaya Orphanage and our Deaf School during their vacation in Thailand.. While sponsoring a tasty lunch for our children, our guests, including Khun Vanessa’s daughter Masaya, gave a treat of sweets to the kids..


Walk Rally 2018

Sotpattana School for the Deaf organises its Walk Rally 2018 in the school yard with the focus on “Five Senses” and the upgrade of students’ physical, social-emotional, and cognitive skills. Each of the three groups by the Red, Green, and Pink colours has fun going through the three educational stations..

Rewarding Private School Teachers

On the 100th anniversary of the inauguration of private schools in Thailand, the Office of the Private Education Commission, under the Thai Ministry of Education, organized activities in different regions of the country during the month of February 2018. For Chonburi provincial level, OPEC honored teachers with long years of service with medal brooches and certificates on 10th of February 2018 at Assumption College Sriracha. For our Sotpattana School for the Deaf, four nominated teachers were awarded as follows: Ms. Srikanya Khamcharoen – Gold Medal for serving over 30 years, Ms. Saowanee Yodsuwan – Silver Medal for serving between 20 and 29 years, as well as Ms. Chotiwan Suksamran, and Director Angkana Kamnoedtone – Bronze Medal for serving between 10 and 19 years. The School Manager Rev. Fr. Michael Weera Phangrak congratulated the outstanding teachers and wished them more happiness, pride, and meaningful service to the disabled children..

Making Daifuku

Having learned that their supervising teacher likes to eat Daifuku, a Japanese sweet made from glutinous rice powder and red bean paste, primary-school children at the Pattaya Orphanage learn about the method of making it during the weekend cooking lesson. They search the internet for the recipe of this confection and got Teacher Koong’s help with the acquisition of needed raw materials, ingredients, and utensils. Different Thai herbs are part of the colourful daifuku. They are simply delicious and nutritious.

Visiting Tiger Zoo

Students of Sotpattana School for the Deaf, along with their director, teachers, and assistant teacher, visited the Tiger Zoo Sriracha in Chonburi with their teachers on the 7th of February 2018 and spent valuable time together during their most recent study tour. In addition to observing and feeding several animals, the party enjoyed the exciting shows of amazing crocodiles, tigers, pigs, and elephants..

Signs and Learning Aids

For the second study term of the academic year 2017-2018, Sotpattana School for the Deaf organized a workshop on sign language for parents of our students, and combined with the production of learning aids. Participants in the morning session learned about animals, fruits, verbs, colors, places, and vehicles. They then grouped by the levels of their kids and, together with children’s representatives, produced useful and practical learning aids for use at home..

Four Regions

For the second semester, Sotpattana School for the Deaf organized another activity under the Cultural Conservation Project, showcasing the four regions of Thailand and their outstanding foods, games, and traditional outfits.. Children enjoy learning about recipes and flavors, dances, games, and the beautiful dresses of each geographical area while going through the four learning stations.

Day of Children

When children at the Pattaya Orphanage celebrated part of their special day at Jomtien Beach, all other members of our home felt very happy too.. In a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by the sea, sand, sun, spicy foods, and their supervising teachers, our kids enjoyed themselves together. They also had another special meal at home with the elders.. May our children continue to grow in love until they become strong and happy adults..

Celebrating Children’s Day

Students at Sotpattana School for the Deaf and the younger ones at Pattaya Orphanage joined in a day of fun and creativity to mark the National Children’s Day 2018 in front of the Deaf School.. They had a parade around the Orphanage, followed by the opening ceremony presided over by Fr. Michael Weera Phangrak, the School’s Manager, and a series of amusing competition between the two teams, Blue and Orange.. May our children and their loved ones continue to be abundantly blessed..

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