Items Required by the Pattaya Orphanage

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Date: 25 October 2016

1 Nutramigen, Hypoallergenic Baby Formula
2 Powdered Milk for 6-12 months old Babies; any brands
3 Canned Mackerel
4 Vegetable Oil, in bottles or 18L cans
5 Disposable Diapers/Nappies, Size L
6 Disposable Diapers/Nappies, Size XL
7 Multi-purpose Towels, 11x11"
8 9" Melamine Plates, 9 doz. See Photo
9 Plug-in Ultrasonic Mosquito/Insect Repeller See Photo

Items and Medicines Required by the Infirmary and Babies’ Rooms

Date: 25 October 2016

Medicines and Medical supplies
1 Singulair 4mg Oral Granule 28 Sachets/Box 6 Boxes See Photo
N.B. : To ensure the items are what we really need, please see corresponding photos.

Updated News


..Mr. Curtis Stoddart from Qatar, for paying his first visit to the Pattaya Orphanage and, along with his Thai friend Tam, spending time with toddlers in our nursery, supporting our home with various essential items, and expressing his wish to sponsor a child..


..Ms. Piyathida Pariyachani, for marking her birthday anniversary with a visit and support to the Pattaya Orphanage.. Along with her friend, our celebrant spent time with the toddlers, said hello to some of our older kids, and contributed various necessities.. May Khun Piyathia have all the blessings a life can unfold..


..Ms. Chiraphon Khuhamanee and fellow scholars of Burapha University, for visiting the nursery of the Pattaya Orphanage and supporting our home with various daily necessities, including those contributed by benefactors who are not able to come along today.. Kindly convey our grateful thanks and best to all concerned..


..The Steiner Family from Switzerland, for getting to know the Pattaya Orphanage during their holiday in Thailand, visiting our nursery, and sponsoring a very special meal for kids from two years and older.. Grateful thanks to their friend Bernard Mueller for introducing the family to us and booking another meal next month..


..Dr. Chanwit Chaisuriyaphan and his wife Dr. Thitiwan from Chonburi, along with their family and staff members of Thitiwan Clinic, for paying another visit to the Pattaya Orphanage, greeting our toddlers, and contributing various necessities, including medicine and supporting fund, towards our children’s welfare and education..


..Ms. Vanvipa Koedmongkhon, along with her family and friends, for getting to know the Pattaya Orphanage during the long weekend, giving our toddlers loving cuddles, handing refreshments to the older kids, and supporting our home with daily necessities, including medicine..


..Ms. Uthumphon Phattahanakulworaphong and Mr. Phonyothin Thanatheeranan, for visiting the Pattaya Orphanage and sponsoring a special lunch for children from two years and older..


..Mr. Songrit Homthong and family from Bangkok, for paying the Pattaya Orphanage a visit on the long weekend, and providing children in our care with snacks and UHT milk..



Valuable Activities

Teacher Tiew encouraged pre-teens and teenagers in her care to make a good use of their mid-year vacation by taking up typing, home economics, handicrafts, reading, and Thai manners. They worked together growing sweet potato in the garden. Also in small groups, the older ones in high school levels gave mathematics and Chinese tutorials to the younger kids in primary and secondary levels. Through these various activities, the children are united and appropriately express themselves..


Marking Birthday Anniversaries

Fifty-six members of the Pattaya Orphanage whose birthday anniversaries fall in July, August, September, and October, are congratulated during a special evening with a variety of good foods and presents.. Rev. Fr. Michael Weera Phangrak presides over the simple but grace-filled time during which everyone feels blessed to be together..


Heron Egg Jelly

Children at the Pattaya Orphanage have seen eggs of the herons only from the television and internet.  With Teacher Koong’s help, they learn to prepare dessert that looks like heron eggs. They asked for empty shells of chicken eggs from our kitchen, wash them, and leave them to dry. Then they boil water, add jelly powder, sugar, tapioca, and natural food colours, i.e. orange from carrot, green from pandan leaves, and purple from butterfly pea flower in the garden. Once the jelly is ready, our kids filled the egg shells with the mixture. Our little cooks broke the shells when the jelly has hardened and cooled. The found the colourful dessert with delicious texture.


Recycled Tetra Pak Cartons

Having free time while on school vacation, children in Teacher Koong’s care came up with some ideas about recycling. They looked around, searched the internet, and decided on the many containers they discard daily after drinking the UHT milk and fruit juice. For three days, every group member helped collect, cut, wash, and dry several cartons. Then they cut, fold, and assemble hexagon and pentagon shapes into a round-shaped lamp. The completed plug-in lamp with a bulb is a product they are very proud of..


Practising English

During the three-week break from school, two groups of children at the Pattaya Orphanage relax and have enjoyable group activities. They also practise English with Ms. Geraldine Greenwood from Scotland, Ms. Hannah Heichen and Mr. Christian Frick from Germany, Mr. Donald Bedier from Canada, and Ms. Sheila Woolley from New Zealand.. Thanks to all our volunteer teachers..


Study Tour on Environmental Conservation

Students of Sotpattana School for the Deaf have a lovely day outing at Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Pattaya, with a half day touring the famous garden, learning about various plants and how they help reduce global warming. For the afternoon, the children enjoyed marvelous shows of the region and also those of the elephants..


Deep-fried Snacks

When children in Teacher Koong’s group harvested the condo bean sprouts, they agree to try cooking some of them and send the rest to the kitchen. Having decided on deep-frying snacks, other raw materials, i.e. taro, pumpkin, mushrooms, and carrot, were brought in to make it more interesting. Kids also learn to make the sauce that went along well with these fried snacks..


Condo Bean Sprouts

From green beans, primary-school kids in Teacher Koong’s care learned to grow bean sprouts for food. They washed the beans, discard the bad ones that floated while washing, soaked the selected ones in water overnight, and placed them on pieces of jute sacks, layer by layer, in a basket. Then they took turn to water the seeds for four days.. How excited the kids were with the bean sprouts that grow skyward and the stacks look like a condominium! They cut the roots off the fresh and crispy sprouts, ready to prepare a dish. The group intended to plant more, this time with more condo levels for the kitchen staff to cook for other members of the orphanage to enjoy..

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