Instructions for Online Donation via PayPal


1.-Login to your PayPal Account at
2.-On your PayPal Account Page, click SEND & REQUEST PAYMENTS on the main menu
PayPal 1
3.-Choose “Pay for goods or services”
PayPal 2
4.-Enter PayPal Account of the Pattaya Orphanage: then click “Next”
PayPal 3
5.-Enter the Amount and choose Currency, then click “Continue.” The screen should display the amount you chose, eg. below is the display Amount example only.
PayPal 4
6.-You’ll need to transfer or pay from the Credit Card Account or Bank Account that you have earlier linked with your PayPal Account. Then you will need to click “Send Payments Now”
PayPal 5
7.-Your screen will then show the confirmation that you have successfully transferred (donated) the amount. Then you should click “Go to Summary” to view the Summary of your transaction.
PayPal 6
8.-Your screen should show the Summary of your latest transaction, like the example below:
PayPal 7