Become a Volunteer



Being a small children’s home with 160-180 kids, the Pattaya Orphanage have specific needs for certain groups of children at certain periods of time.

1. Our Main Needs:
1.1 English Teacher to teach basic English to 5-10 pre-school kids on weekdays of school year except for public holidays. School terms are from mid-May to September and November to February. Each session is usually one hour in the morning.
1.2 English Teacher to teach basic English to 10-15 school-age kids for 3-4 weeks during school vacations (October and March-April). Each session is usually one hour on weekday morning except for public holidays.
1.3 A trainer for other skills like dancing, music, sports, Chinese language, handicrafts, etc. for school-age kids during school vacations (October and March-April). Each session is one hour on weekday afternoon except for public holidays.
1.4 A companion to one disabled lady on a wheelchair. An hour each day can be spent with her on reading, playing games like dominos, and doing handicrafts.

2. Qualifications:
2.1 Minimum age of 18 years;
2.2 Having a minimum availability of four weeks.

3. Requirements: Working under child protection laws, we need to screen all who are to be in close contact with our children. An application package should include the following requirements:
3.1 A statement explaining why you wish to become a volunteer, and a preferred date you would like to start;
3.2 Your CV/Resume with current contact details;
3.3 Three letters of recommendation, which will be checked;
3.4 A most recent police criminal record check;
3.5 1 passport-sized (1.5” or 2”) photo of yourself for Volunteer I.D. Card; and
3.6 A tape of your spoken English, if you wish to help as English teacher.

4. Mailing addresses for sending your application package with the above requirements:
4.1, or
4.2 Volunteer Coordinator,
Pattaya Orphanage,
Box 300, Pattaya City Post Office,
Chonburi, 20260,

5. There are no charges or fees to become a volunteer at the Orphanage. However, the volunteers need to take care of their expenses including travel, visa fee, and accommodation. We can provide contact details of some nearby apartments that were used by our former volunteers. A simple lunch is provided on the day a volunteer helps out at the Orphanage.

January 2014