Family Day 2015


Pattaya Orphanage’s annual Family Day was, once again, celebrated with a significant blessing ceremony followed by a 6-hour water fighting as Pattaya City marks its Songkran Festival’s Wan Lai! The procession of participants from 2-year-old toddlers and above began at the main entrance highlighted by elegant Waraporn as Miss Songkran and the tray of holy threads moving towards the main building. Confident female members in primary school levels performed the Thai Blessing Dance in front of our elders, department heads, and some of our multi-national volunteers. After the meaningful ceremony, our kids and those from CPDC, along with their respective caretakers, moved back and forth between the main gates and our temporary kitchen that served delicious dishes all day long. Notwithstanding the strong sunshine, everyone had a fun-filled day refreshed by the water that was splashed by themselves and passers-by. We wish to thank all the benefactors for the floral-printed tops, water pistols, and many foods for this very occasion. May all concerned be blessed with abundant joy and prosperity..