The Pattaya Orphanage welcomed the Danish delegation, inclusive of Deputy Director Jeanette Larsen and Special Consultant Mette Reesen Garnaes of the Danish International Adoption, and two officers from the Ankestyrelsen Central Authority, to our home for the first time after the recent merging of AC International Child Support and the DanAdopt. Our Danish Volunteer David and Adoption Assistant Pornsook gave them a brief tour of the Orphanage, with the visit to babies and toddlers, followed by a meeting with the Orphanage’s legal guardian Suwanna Cheownawin along with Khun Toy, our Inter-Country Representative, concerning our future cooperation based on the good relationship and excellent cooperation over the past three decades with the AC International Child Support. The Delegation expressed deep impression on everybody here and appreciated the time spent at the Orphanage in spite of their tight schedule.