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Holiday Activities


For nearly four weeks, children who are not required to join the summer programmes at their schools, spent 1-2 hours each weekday to brush up their English and Chinese languages.. Thanks to teachers Geri from Scotland, Zoe from China, Lisalee from Denmark, as well as Hannah and Chris from Germany, for your time and talents. To sum up the past weeks, all the kids went through the four stations with fun while reviewing what they have learned in the past weeks.. Special thanks to Khun Geri’s daughter Rebecca, for helping us again.. Happy Thai New Year to all..

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..Dr. Charan Malhotra and family from Bangkok, along with the families of Mr. Jasbir Singh Sachaev and Mr. Anant Khanijou, for paying another visit to the Pattaya Orphanage during their holiday in the area, and contributing various necessities, including supporting fund towards our school-aged kids’ education..

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..The family of Mrs. Ellen Van Gaveren from Belgium, including young Loulou, for paying a visit to the Pattaya Orphanage whenever they are in Thailand for a holiday, this time bringing along several of their friends to get to know our children, and supporting us with various necessities..

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..The party of Mr. Thanadon Fangrak, for getting to know the Pattaya Orphanage and making merit by providing daily necessities to children of different age groups..

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..Mr. Theerathat Khongsookkai and family, regular supporters of the Pattaya Orphanage since 2008, for providing another lovely meal to children in our care, making the 12th of each month the time to enjoy and be grateful for their kindness..

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..Ms. Sara Tye from England, for paying another visit to the Pattaya Orphanage after her first trip in 2011, this time bringing along her two daughters Samantha and Amelia Merritt to get to know our home and members of our nursery and contributing fund in support of our 24/7 care for the kids.. The party also saw the older kids during their Walk Rally and helped feed the toddlers during their lunch..

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