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14 April 2014    Happy Family and Happy New Year.. All the way from Nonthaburi province, the families of Ms. Phanthiwa Phosongchan and Ms. Naphaphan Yimruang traveled to Pattaya and stopped by at the Pattaya Orphanage. The party enjoyed giving our toddlers their loving hugs and providing the older kids with delicious snacks. How grateful we are for your kindness. May each and every one of you be blessed in abundance throughout the year.. Enjoy your stay, safe trip home, and do come again..
14 April 2014    Once again, the Pattaya Orphanage welcomes and thanks Ms. Marie Frederika Gartiser for her presence and support. Following the recent visit with her elder sister, our guest, who is living in Pattaya, is back with her daughter Zoe, and enjoys spending time with beautiful and active toddlers. Our benefactors thoughtfully contribute loads of necessities our children need. Khop khun maak khrap/kha.. Khun Marie will also consider volunteering more of her time to support us. May your kind hearts be blessed..
13 April 2014    During the visit of Mr. Alangkan Chansiri on Chakri Day, he contributed various boxes of fruit juice and handed supporting fund from Mr. Kiattichai Wichiendilokkul of Chonburi Happy World Co., Ltd. for children’s special meal on 13th April. Our young representatives expressed their appreciation to both benefactors. Khop khun maak khrap/kha.. We hope to have an opportunity to thank Khun Kiattichai in person. May the joy of sharing remain with all of you throughout the Thai New Year.
13 April 2014    Thoughtfully, Ms. Ami Takahashi paid her first visit to the Pattaya Orphanage during Songkran holiday. We are grateful for her party, which included Khun Venus and her family, for the loving kindness shown to our children. Your time, warm hugs, and toys as well as delicious snacks for the kids are very much appreciated. Wishing our guests happiness, healthiness, and prosperity throughout the Thai New Year.. Hope to see you again..
13 April 2014    It’s very kind of our new friends Ms. Alexandra Brunner and her loving daughter Julia to spend part of their holiday at the Pattaya Orphanage. They are touched by the love and care our children receive. Thank you so much for your warm smiles and hugs for the toddlers and the precious donation of toys from Julia. Thank you kindly for your generosity and sincere concern for our kids. May your trip be wonderful and safe. See you again... Special thanks to the Thai Garden Resort for the direction.
13 April 2014    Action always speaks louder than words! Whenever free from work, Mr. John Okpala Elochukwu would travel from Bangkok to the Pattaya Orphanage to meet with our children. During his most recent visit, Khun Okpala mentioned he may not have time to come very often but would continue to support the kids. He also wished to sponsor a meal. This is why the older kids have a wonderful lunch and feel very grateful to him. Please accept our sincere thanks for your support. Happy Thai New Year.. May happiness, healthiness, and fulfillment be yours.
12 April 2014    It’s very kind of Ms. Chuleeporn Boonpontook and family to make merit at the Pattaya Orphanage during the long Songkran holiday. Apart from spending time with toddlers in our nursery, the party caters lovely refreshments for the older kids. May your kind hearts be blessed in abundance.. Khop khun maak khrap/kha.. Best wishes for the Thai New Year..
12 April 2014    It’s the first time Ms. Parwnapha Kullachet pays a visit to the Pattaya Orphanage during her homeland visit. Along with her husband Yuval Birman, our guest enjoys spending time with the little ones. Kindly accept our sincere thanks for your time, your meal sponsorship for the older kids, and supporting fund towards the school-aged kids’ education. Happy Songkran.. Wishing you a nice stay and safe return to Israel.. Do come again..
12 April 2014    Before heading back to Khorat for the Songkran Festival, Mrs. Wanphen Martines makes merit at the Pattaya Orphanage. Along with her friend Khemanat Phokrasang, our benefactor visits the little ones in our nursery and caters refreshments for the older kids. May the joy of sharing be the source of joy for Khun Wanphen, Khun Khemanat, and their family members throughout the Thai New Year.. Have a safe and enjoyable trip..
12 April 2014    For about seven weeks following the last cultivation, older children at the Pattaya Orphanage proudly harvest the hydroponic vegetables. They are more skillful in the overall process and wish everyone would enjoy the healthy product.. Thanks to all supporters including members of our home. The proceeds will be used for acquiring the seeds and for fixing the broken water pump so the next cultivation would be possible..

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