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26 July 2014    Led by Mrs. Somsri Sae-Lim and family, nine families from Bangkok get together in Pattaya for a lovely weekend. They take this opportunity to share their love with the underprivileged through their warm hugs for the little ones as well as cash and in-kind donations in support of our kids’ welfare and education. The children of our guests also learn from the good examples. We wish to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Blessings of joy and prosperity upon you and yours.
26 July 2014    Members of Yaris Club – TH, led by Mr. Surachart Phlatphaiphan, gathered at the Pattaya Orphanage for the first time this weekend. Our guests took this opportunity to mark Khun Surachart’s birthday anniversary with a meal service to the children. During the lunch they sponsored, our kids, including the deaf, sang and signed for the Birthday Boy, wishing him abundant joy and prosperity. The party also visited the little ones in our nursery and contributed various essential items in support of our kids. The “Blackrace Gru Club Rot Dam” also donated towards our school-aged kids’ education. Many thanks and best wishes to you and yours..
26 July 2014    All the way from Samut Prakan province, the loving family of Mrs. Ampai Wiwatmongkhonkit traveled to Pattaya for a weekend trip and kindly stopped by at the Pattaya Orphanage. They kindly visited our nursery and made contribution of various essential items. Please accept our sincere thanks and best wishes. Enjoy your holiday and safe return home.
25 July 2014    Ms. Anne Press, Executive Director of Christians Forward Southeast Asia (CSFA) is back in Pattaya with a new group to visit several centers including the Pattaya Orphanage. Grateful thanks to Khun Anne, Ms. Denielle Gerrietts, Ms. Karen Wren, Ms. Debbie Dyjak and her son Erich, as well as Mr. Robert Rebers and his daughter Bethany, for the meaningful visit. Your time and warmth for our kids, interaction with the preschoolers, and sharing of toys and clothing for our little ones as well as contribution in our donation box are very much appreciated. Blessings upon your loving hearts, health, mission in Thailand, return to USA, and journeys in life..
25 July 2014    Happy Birthday to Mr. Wichian Kwamkiddee, Managing Director of WKD Environment Co., Ltd.. Once again, the top executive is represented by his staff members in the merit-making event at the Pattaya Orphanage. With thoughtfulness, our guests greet the toddlers and contribute necessities including baby-care and food products as well as supporting fund towards the older kids’ education. Thank you very much khrap/kha.. Wishing khun Wichian a blessed year with many more to follow.. May your family be loving, your staff happy, and WKD Environment Co., Ltd. continue to prosper..
25 July 2014    Representing the management of Ritta Co., Ltd., the party of Mr. Chuchart Nanthaporn and Mr. Thamaphon Nakhonsi pays a visit to children at the Pattaya Orphanage and sponsors a lovely lunch for the kids. They also play with the toddlers in our nursery and donate cash in support of the older ones’ education. With grateful thanks for your kindness and generosity, we wish all our guests happiness and fulfillment. May Ritta Co., Ltd. continue to prosper and their nearby construction project next to our home be smooth..
25 July 2014    On the occasion of his birthday anniversary, Dr. Steven Chana Kitikiattisak of Maryvit School Pattaya and the eldest son of Mr. Chuan and Ms. Nunthiya at Maryvit Education Network, our celebrant shared his joy with children at the Pattaya Orphanage. Although our celebrant and his family were unable to be around at this delightful meal, our kids offered their special prayerful thanks to the Kitikiattisaks before enjoying spaghetti, boiled prawns with spicy dipping sauce, and mung bean dessert. Your very kind concern and constant support are highly appreciated. Belated Birthday Greetings.. and may Our Lady continue to pray for the Dr. Steve, his loved ones, health, and undertakings..
24 July 2014    Led by Ms. Pranom Pheeraphan, a group of parents of Darasamutr School Sriracha students spent a weekday morning at the Pattaya Orphanage. After getting to know our general information through VDO presentation and briefing, the party shares warm cuddles with our toddlers in the nursery and makes cash and in-kind donations in support of our operation. Please accept our sincere thanks for your generosity and concern. Wishing each of you and your family happiness, good health, and fulfillment..
24 July 2014    While learning from the weekly theme “Trees,” children of Sotpattana School for the Deaf went on a study tour to Sattahip. Along with the preschool kids of the Pattaya Orphanage, the young learners visited the Recruit Training Center of the Royal Thai Navy where they saw and experienced how our King’s renowned philosophy on Sufficiency Economy is possible and practical. The close view of various animals, especially buffaloes, for the first time made the children very excited. The resource persons, led by Sub-Lt Suphachai Kerdcharoenporn, introduced the party to farming activities and each child prepared a potted plant for which they would bring back and continue to care. In the afternoon, they stopped at the “Wonder Farm” to take a lovely lunch and be in touch with the various animals, i.e. rabbits and goats. Thank you very much for all concerned for this wonderful trip!
24 July 2014    Following her first visit to the Pattaya Orphanage in 2010, Ms. Araya Thong-ra-a is back today with her family members. How very kind of our guests to make contribution of necessities for the children and hope to return when the babies are not taking their nap. Thank you kindly for your generosity. May the joy of sharing with the underprivileged be long lasting.. Wishing you and yours healthiness and progress in life..

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